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The first pilates studio in Romania where you can do Intelligent Pilates, a successful method of mental and medical recovery.
Intelligent Pilates Oasis of endorphins
& dopamine




We differ in a holistic approach to well-being, which begins with movement.

Discover a great way to take care of your body and life!

We believe in the power of innovation! We are actively looking for ideas that redefine the standards of excellence in everything we do. A balanced life requires a healthy body and a mind free from daily stress. Pilates has proven to be, over time, one of the most effective full body training practices, which tones, strengthens and lengthens muscles. Popular among celebrities such as Kate Hudson or Heidi Klum, it revitalizes the body with the help of techniques for understanding one’s body. It’s not about the number of calories, it’s about the mind-body connection and consciously taking control, gradually on specially designed machines or the mattress.

Pilates can be practiced by anyone, at any level, even by the most advanced athletes such as LeBron James, Serena Williams, or David Bechkam and can help prevent and recover from injuries.

The art of movement
Core & More is more than a premium pilates studio close to your home. Beyond the thick walls, the harmonious decor and the high-performance machines, there is a community united around love and harmony. It is the reason why any inspiration in our pilates classes is a mouthful of endorphins and dopamine. With us, in the warm atmosphere of the newest pilates studio in the Pipera area, you will discover the perfect way to relax, tone and develop your body.
  • • Personal Training (PT)
  • • Pilates for Back Pain
  • • Pilates For Athletes
  • • Full Body Pilates
  • • Pilates Props
  • • Pilates Rehabilitation
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We like the feeling we get at the end of a very good workout and we like to be able to see the benefits later.

For us, it is not enough to offer our customers a smart, dynamic and revitalizing exercise program that delivers results quickly. It is also important to offer a welcoming, positive and enjoyable experience.

What we do at Core & More is designed to help us achieve these goals.
Our studio is spacious and welcoming. We offer sessions that suit all levels of fitness and experience. In addition, our personal training programs allow you to enjoy the privacy and individual attention of an one-on-one session and benefit from a training designed for your needs and goals.